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Easy Youtube to MP3 Converter online

You have come to the best place on the Internet to convert online Youtube videos into downloadable MP3 files. Youtube-to-mp3 is our name, and it couldn't be more clear. This is all we do here, convert Youtube videos to MP3 (and sometimes to MP4). The easiest way to make it work here is to use the video search function. Simply type something in the box above, and our sophisticated search tag suggestion system will help you find what you want. Once found - it is simple to extract audio and/or convert video to mp3. Lately our competitors stick you with M4A or MP4 instead of MP3. It sounds the same, but it's not MP3, although file extension says MP3. Apparently current software that plays music doesn't care if it's really an MP3 file, or anything else that produces sound, like a imageless video with only the sound track included in MP4 file, or something similar.. Well, with us you can be sure - it's always genuine MP3 file, made by converting ffmpeg-extracted audio into MP3 with Lame mp3 codec. Only the real true MP3 sound here. The file your old car's stereo with MP3 will be able to read and play for you.

How do you convert Youtube to mp3 easy online?

Install Youtube-to-Mp3 free WebApp to try

Add to Home Screen

Youtube-to-MP3 converter is also a free web-based app. You can install it by simply tapping on the button below, or answer one of the browser's suggestions, then say Yes and it'll install in 1 second. There's no software download involved, no updates in the future, no storage is needed, it is all handled by us, the creators. The app is actually our website, and we maintain it, add new download and converter sources, etc, so when new update comes, your app doesn't need to update, it will just load new site version. It can be easily deleted. It works on Android and Windows devices, you can Add [the app] to Home Screen, it's easy and super useful.

Rapid redirect Bookmarklet / Shortcut

Download MP3

When you browse Youtube, watching a video and suddenly realize you just gots to have this video on your desktop or laptop, well, here is where our quick-access shortcut can be of a great help. First you'd need to drop the button to your browser's bookmarks, and then press it while watching that video. That's it. Instead of copying URL and then pasting it into the search box on top, it will all be done for you by the shortcut, so you'll just need to click Download and proceed to the download. No search, no copy-paste, just pure adrenaline speed of operation. Try it out, no likee - just delete the bookmarks, it's a zero-commitment arrangement.

We answer questions

What is the fastest way to convert Youtube videos?

  1. Copy video URL link to clipboard (use Share button menu, select Copy Link)
  2. Visit Youtube-to-Mp3 and insert video URL in the input box, hit Download.
  3. Check out formats and quality options, pick the one you like and convert video.

Are there limits on the daily converter usage?

No. We don't track your visits, your usage, etc, just make sure don't use up all of our resources, we have 100s of other users right here right now..

What audio converter formats are supported?

We offer all the available formats, but most productive and requested are MP3, M4A, WEBM. If you want other formats - please, let us know.

Does this work with Youtube video playlists?

Yes, this app works with Youtube video playlists, you can download videos from the playlist one at a time, or convert them to mp3. Simply copy playlist URL from Youtube (again Share button), paste it into the input box and hit Download button. Then select videos you'd like to have for yourself or convert to mp3.

What platforms support the work of this app?

This app is platform-independent, means that it will work anywhere when opened via the browser with online access. Webapp currently is supported on Windows and Android platforms.

How to convert Youtube to MP3 on Android or iPhone?

  1. Open Youtube app on your smartphone, find video and copy its URL via Share button menu
  2. Navigate back here, insert the URL into the input box. Hit Download button, wait for download options
  3. When drop-down list with download formats shows up, pick the one you like and download converted file to your Android (for iPhone need special Documents app to allow media downloads)

Does it work with sites other than Youtube?

Yes, we support 100s of other sites, but Youtube is the most popular, of course. You can download videos here from Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, WeChat, BiliBili, Instagram, Reddit, Soundcloud,, Vkontakte, 9Gag, Funnyordie, all the naughty sites, all the social sites, all the underground sites, just plain all sites that have video or audio.

What video formats are supported on the converter?

We rather like audio and convert Yt videos to mp3 for that reason. But if you want video format - we can offer MP4, 3GP, WEBM, MPEG-TS, M3U8, and many other formats you haven't even heard of, probably..

Convert Youtube videos to multiple supported formats

Youtube-to-MP3 is not narrow minded, we actually try to be visionaries and open our minds to much bigger ideas, such as offering all the possible download file formats here besides just MP3. As mentioned above, we also offer M4A, OPUS and WEBM for audio download, as well as MP4, WEBM, MKV, AVI and 3GP for video downloads. All the available formats can be found in the drop-down list that says MP3 whgen you are about to start conversion. There will be different audio and video containers available for download, with various bitrate and window size options. Pick the one you like, if MP3 is not your thing.